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Soft Water Bottles

Discover the best soft water bottles available in our comprehensive roundup article. Featuring the most innovative and eco-friendly options, this guide provides insights into the benefits and features of each bottle to help you choose the perfect hydration companion.

Discover the best soft water bottles available in our comprehensive roundup article. Featuring the most innovative and eco-friendly options, this guide provides insights into the benefits and features of each bottle to help you choose the perfect hydration companion.

A roundup of the best soft water bottles that not only keep your water tasty, but also offer you the convenience and flexibility you desire. From BPA-free plastic to stainless steel and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our top picks that will quench your thirst and protect the environment at the same time.

The Top 11 Best Soft Water Bottles

  1. 1.0L Platypus SoftBottle with Push-Pull Cap - A 20-year classic, the Platypus SoftBottle 1.0L offers lightweight, flexible hydration, with a taste-free, compact design and versatile Push-Pull Cap compatible with Platypus lids and drink tubes.

  2. Berkey Sport Portable Water Filter Bottle - Experience legendary Berkey water purification on-the-go with the portable Sport Berkey Water Bottle (22oz), boasting a compact design, leak-proof flip-top, replaceable filters, and 4.5 stars from 247 reviews.

  3. Eco-Friendly Collapsible Water Bottle for Hot and Cold Drinks - Transformative Stojo Water Bottle that holds 20 oz of any hot or cold drink, featuring leak-proof seal, dishwasher & microwave safe, in a user-friendly compact design, ideal for those seeking a lightweight, eco-friendly bottle for an active lifestyle.

  4. Soft, Foldable 150ml Water Bottle for Ultra Race - The Salomon Soft Cup Speed 150ml Water Bottle is a perfect hydration companion for ultra races, boasting a foldable, lightweight design suitable for universal use, while ensuring compatibility with mandatory racing kit specifications.

  5. Insulated Soft Flask: Ice-Free Sip-Through - Experience seamless hydration on the go with the Salomon Soft Flask 400ml Insulated, featuring dual-skin insulation for ideal temperature control and a flexible TPU construction for comfortable water carrying in any season.

  6. Foldable 250ml Soft water bottle for Outdoor activities - Lixada’s 250ml foldable, BPA-free hydration bottle boasts a comfortable soft bite mouthpiece for easy water sipping and leakproof sealing, perfect for active outdoors scenarios like running, hiking, cycling, and climbing.

  7. Soft Filtered Flask for Running - The Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter combines ultra-lightweight design with a built-in water filter, offering trail runners and hikers the freedom to hydrate on-the-go without worrying about water quality or carrying extra weight.

  8. Stylish Modern Hide-a-Bed Chair - The Orange Mud UltraFlask is a 500ml hydration flask designed for convenience and comfort, featuring a soft, water sloshing-reducing design that can be used with or without a tube, making it an ideal companion for any outdoor adventure.

  9. Ultra-Light Foldable Water Bottle - Lixada Portable Bottle Soft Flask Soft Water Bottle - 500ml folding bottle with effective filter element, lightweight, reusable, made from silica gel and TPU, with no unpleasant taste. 99.9% bacteria removal ensuring safety and purity of drinking water.

  10. Portable Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle - Kemier Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle, a 750ml FDA-approved and BPA-free silicone bottle with leak-proof design and a foldable feature for easy storage during travel, gym, hiking, and outdoor activities.

  11. Soft Filter Water Flask - Experience effortless hydration on-the-go with the Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter 490ml, weighing less and providing quick refills with its high-flow valve and wide 42mm cap, reducing fatigue for a comfortable run.

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1.0L Platypus SoftBottle with Push-Pull Cap


As an avid hiker and traveler, I’ve tried countless water bottles in search of the perfect companion for my adventures. The Platypus SoftBottle 1.0L has been a game-changer, providing lightweight, collapsible hydration that’s both versatile and convenient.

One of the things I love about the SoftBottle is its unique design. It’s not only lightweight and flexible but also packs down small when empty, saving valuable space in my backpack. Its smart design features a narrowed midsection, making it easy to grip even when full.

Another highlight of this bottle is its compatibility with various Platypus lids and drink tube kits. I use the Push-Pull Cap, which is leak-proof and easy to use on the go. Plus, the bottle materials are taste-free, BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free, ensuring my water stays clean and pure.

However, there are some downsides to consider. Some users have reported issues with leakiness and durability, with some bottles developing holes or tears over time. While I haven’t experienced these problems myself, it’s worth keeping in mind that quality may vary from bottle to bottle.

Despite these cons, the Platypus SoftBottle 1.0L offers a reliable and convenient hydration solution for adventurers. Its lightweight and compact design make it perfect for backpacking, climbing, or commuting, while its compatibility with various lids and drink tube kits adds versatility. With its ease of use and high-quality materials, the SoftBottle is a must-have for anyone on the go.

Berkey Sport Portable Water Filter Bottle


I recently got my hands on the Sport Berkey Filter Water Bottle, and I must say, it has been a game-changer in my daily water intake routine. This 22oz bottle is lightweight and highly portable, making it perfect for staying hydrated during hikes, trips to the gym, or even just long commuting hours at work.

One of the standout features of this bottle is its purification system. It uses a small yet powerful filter to remove harmful contaminants from various water sources. This means I can fill up from practically anywhere – a stream, pond, or even a questionable water fountain at work – without worrying about any unpleasant tastes or unhealthy chemicals. Plus, the non-leaching, BPA-free construction gives me peace of mind about the quality of the material my water is coming into contact with.

However, the filter does have a drawback; refilling needs to be done quite often, particularly if you’re drinking from untreated sources. Additionally, it can be difficult to take a full draw of water due to the flattened straw and pressure issues mentioned by some reviewers.

Despite these minor cons, I am overall very satisfied with the Sport Berkey Water Bottle. Its ability to provide clean, great-tasting water on-the-go has significantly improved my hydration habits. If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient way to ensure you always have access to safe drinking water, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Eco-Friendly Collapsible Water Bottle for Hot and Cold Drinks


Have you ever wished there was a more convenient way to bring your water bottle with you on the go without sacrificing space or breaking the bank? Look no further than the Stojo Collapsible Water Bottle. This ingenious design has truly revolutionized my daily routine.

As an active individual, I’m always on the move, leaving little room for bulky items in my bag. That’s why I was so thrilled when I discovered this little gem. It’s incredibly versatile, holding a generous 20 oz of liquid when expanded and collapsing down to a mere 3.8 inches tall when empty - perfect for fitting into any size bag or even your pocket!

One of my favorite features is the twist cap, which creates an airtight seal to prevent any pesky leakage. Additionally, this bottle is not only dishwasher safe but also made from eco-friendly Food Grade Silicone (LFGB certified) - ensuring that every sip is as guilt-free as possible.

However, no product is perfect, and I did experience a few minor drawbacks. While the bottle’s silicone material is incredibly lightweight, I found it to be a bit difficult to compress at first. Fortunately, this challenge became easier over time, and I’m now able to collapse it effortlessly.

Another potential issue some users might encounter is the bottle’s insulating capabilities. While it does a reasonably good job of maintaining temperature, it may not be quite as effective as some other insulated bottles on the market. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t deter you from giving it a try, especially considering its many other impressive features.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Stojo Collapsible Water Bottle for anyone seeking a convenient and environmentally responsible way to stay hydrated on the go. Its unique design, high-quality construction, and eco-friendly materials make it a standout choice among reusable water bottles.

Soft, Foldable 150ml Water Bottle for Ultra Race


When I first got my hands on the Salomon Soft Cup Speed Water Bottle, I was skeptical. After all, it’s a soft, foldable water bottle designed specifically for cupless racing events. But once I tried it out during my training runs, my opinion did a complete 180. This thing is a game-changer!

At 150 ml, this bottle may not hold much, but for those intense, hydration-demanding races, it’s perfect. The soft cup is easy to squeeze and drink from on the go, even when you’re running at full speed. And speaking of speed, the foldable design means you can stash it in your pocket or compression shorts without any trouble.

One thing I appreciated was how compatible it is with mandatory gear lists for major events. It’s always reassuring to know that your chosen hydration solution meets race requirements. Plus, the BPA-free material gives me peace of mind knowing I’m not consuming harmful chemicals while I hydrate.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks to the Salomon Soft Cup Speed Water Bottle. Firstly, it can be a bit difficult to clean thoroughly due to its shape. Additionally, some users have reported issues with keeping warm beverages hot as the soft cup insulation isn’t top-notch.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a lightweight, collapsible hydration solution that meets race requirements, the Salomon Soft Cup Speed Water Bottle is definitely worth considering. Despite a few minor drawbacks, its convenience and ease of use more than make up for it.

Insulated Soft Flask: Ice-Free Sip-Through


As an avid hiker, I’ve always struggled with keeping my water intake balanced during my long treks. The Salomon Soft Flask has been a game-changer for me. It’s incredibly lightweight and packable, which is ideal when you’re carrying everything on your back. The best part about this flask is its dual-skin insulation that keeps my water cool even in warm summer weather. I’ve gotten compliments on how sleek it looks in my bag, adding a touch of style to my typically utilitarian gear.

However, there are some cons worth mentioning. The first one would be the size. While the 400ml capacity is sufficient for short-distance trips, it may not be enough for longer adventures. Secondly, the bite valve can freeze up during extremely cold weather, making it difficult to drink. Another issue is its compatibility with other brands. Although it works well with Salomon’s summer lids, it might not fit perfectly into other bags.

Overall, the Salomon Soft Flask is a practical addition to any hiker’s arsenal. Its insulated design helps maintain water temperature, making it perfect for hot or cold weather conditions. Despite its few drawbacks, I find myself reaching for this flask more often than not on my outdoor excursions.

Foldable 250ml Soft water bottle for Outdoor activities


Lixada’s Soft Bottle boasts a flexible and lightweight design built to keep you hydrated throughout your hiking, running, or cycling adventures. Crafted from premium TPU material, it’s not only reusable and BPA-free, but also easy to use with its soft bite mouthpiece that lets you sip water effortlessly. The leakproof sealing edge and dust cover on the mouthpiece ensure a worry-free experience, while its ability to withstand temperatures from -20 to 50°C means you can store hot or cold water during your outdoor activities.

What’s truly remarkable about this bottle is its compactness - it can be folded into a small size for easy storage in your backpack, making it the perfect companion for riding, running, camping, hiking, mountaineering, or any other outdoor pursuit.

However, the bite action needed to release the water may take some getting used to and might not be ideal for users who prefer a traditional screw-top design. Overall, this water bottle’s durability, portability, and environmentally-friendly nature make it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Soft Filtered Flask for Running


As an avid trail runner, I’ve always been on the lookout for products that make my adventurous pursuits easier and more enjoyable. The Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter really hit the mark!

I remember one particularly hot summer day when I was running on a trail deep in the mountains. I had run out of water and the next water source was miles away. Desperation set in until I remembered my Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter. Instead of carrying extra pounds of water, I simply filled it up with water from a nearby stream and was able to continue my journey without a hitch.

The filter built right into the cap was a lifesaver, ensuring that the water I consumed was free from bacteria and protozoa. I also appreciated the high-flow valve that allowed quick hydration and drinking. The flask itself was incredibly lightweight and packable, making it perfect for long-distance runs or thru-hiking trips.

However, one thing that could be improved is the mouthpiece. It sometimes becomes a little difficult to detach from the bottle after filling up the soft flask with water.

Overall, the Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter is a game-changer for trail runners, endurance racers, and through-hikers who need to stay hydrated without worrying about water contamination.

Stylish Modern Hide-a-Bed Chair


I’ve been using the Orange Mud UltraFlask for quite some time now, and it has truly revolutionized my hydration game. The soft and pliable construction of this container makes it incredibly convenient to carry around, whether you’re jogging on a hot summer day or traversing across mountain trails.

One aspect I absolutely love about this product is that it’s ice cube friendly. This allows me to keep my water chilled and refreshing even during the most intense of workouts. Additionally, the UltraFlask features an anti-slosh design that minimizes the obnoxious swishing sound made by traditional water bottles.

As an avid hiker, I also appreciate the versatile design of this product. Unlike traditional water bottles, the UltraFlask can be used with or without a tube, giving you the option to mount the bite valve directly to the cap if desired. Its compact size and ability to shrink as you consume water make it ideal for stashing in cramped spaces like my bike’s jersey pocket.

Despite these impressive features, I did encounter a few minor inconveniences. For instance, removing the straw for cleaning purposes can be quite tricky, as it seems to be quite securely attached within the cap. Additionally, the UltraFlask’s larger size when completely filled may pose an issue for those with limited storage capacity in their hydration packs.

Overall, the Orange Mud UltraFlask has proven to be a game-changer for my adventurous lifestyle. Its innovative design and high-quality construction make it the perfect companion for all my outdoor excursions. If you’re like me and need a reliable hydration solution that can adapt to various situations, I highly recommend giving the UltraFlask a try!

Ultra-Light Foldable Water Bottle


Lixada’s Portable Bottle is a game-changer for active explorers. This soft flask boasts a generous 500ml capacity, perfect for quenching your thirst on the go. The effective filter element, featuring a precision 0.01 micron hollow ultrafiltration membrane, ensures the water you drink is always safe and pure. I’ve found it to be incredibly lightweight and foldable, fitting seamlessly into my bag or even my pocket. Plus, its reusable filter is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Made from silica gel and TPU, it’s both soft and durable. The folding drinking bottle, with its sleek blue colour, has quickly become my go-to choice for outdoor adventures.

While it’s mostly excellent, there is one minor drawback - the water temperature is limited to below 50 degrees Celsius. However, this hasn’t stopped me from using it regularly. Overall, Lixada’s Portable Bottle offers a convenient and reliable solution for those who value hydration, safety, and eco-consciousness in their outdoor gear.

Portable Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle


I recently got the chance to try out the Kemier Collapsible Water Bottle during a hiking trip. This water bottle was an absolute lifesaver, especially when it came to the weight of my backpack. The collapsible design made it super easy to pack without sacrificing any room or adding unnecessary weight.

One of the features that stood out to me was how leak-proof this bottle is. Even when I accidentally dropped it a few times, not a single drop spilled out. The wide-mouth design also made it incredibly easy to clean and refill with ice cubes, which was a welcome treat during our hot hike.

However, after a few sips, the bottle doesn’t hold enough water for long hikes - something that could be improved in future models. Despite this minor setback, the Kemier Collapsible Water Bottle has definitely become a staple in my hiking gear, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

Soft Filter Water Flask


I’ve been using the Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter for a few months now and it’s been a game-changer for me. As an avid hiker and runner, I like to travel light, so the ability to filter water on the go is incredibly useful.

The flask itself is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which provides flexibility and comfort during use. It’s also transparent, allowing me to see exactly how much water I have left. I find that the large 42mm diameter cap and high-flow valve make it super easy to fill up from any source and drink from easily.

One standout feature of this flask is its compatibility with all Salomon caps with a 42mm opening. This means I can use it with different caps depending on my needs, whether that’s adding ice or ensuring a leak-proof seal. Overall, I’ve found this flask to be incredibly durable and able to withstand the rough conditions that come with my adventures.

However, there are a few downsides to consider. Firstly, the filter top is only compatible with Salomon flasks released from spring 2020 onwards, so if you have older Salomon flasks, you’ll need to purchase new ones to use it. Secondly, there doesn’t seem to be any mechanism for backwashing the filter with potable water to clear it of particles, which can reduce the filter’s effectiveness over time.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I’ve found the Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter to be an invaluable tool for my outdoor adventures. Its ability to filter water on the go means I can carry less water, reducing fatigue and allowing me to focus on the trail ahead.

Buyer’s Guide

Features of Soft Water Bottles

Soft Water Bottles-2

Soft water bottles are designed to provide a comfortable drinking experience. Some key features to consider when choosing a soft water bottle include:

  • High-quality construction using BPA-free materials

  • Flexible structure, making it easy to compress and store

  • Leak-proof cap or screw top to prevent spills

  • Compatibility with a variety of bottle caps, including flip-top, twist-off, and sports straw

  • Wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning

  • Available in various sizes and colors to suit personal preferences

Considerations for Choosing a Soft Water Bottle

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • Intended use: Choose a soft water bottle that can accommodate your daily water consumption needs. For example, a smaller bottle might be suitable for short trips, while a larger one may be more suitable for longer excursions or office use.

  • Durability: Look for a bottle made from high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear, ensuring it lasts longer.

  • Cleaning and maintenance: Select a soft water bottle that is easy to clean, preferably dishwasher-safe. Some bottles may have a removable bottom cap or a narrow opening, which can make cleaning more difficult.

  • Compatibility with water filters: If you plan to use your soft water bottle with a separate water filter, make sure the bottle’s cap or top can accommodate the filter system you want to use.

General Advice for Using Soft Water Bottles

To ensure your soft water bottle lasts for a long time and provides a safe and hygienic drinking experience, follow these tips:

  • Clean your bottle regularly to prevent bacterial growth. Wash it with warm, soapy water and let it air dry.

  • Do not overfill your bottle, as this may cause leakage or strain the bottle’s structure.

  • Store your bottle in a cool, shady location when not in use, as excessive heat or sunlight can cause damage to the bottle and its materials.

  • Inspect your bottle for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, leaks, or discoloration. Replace the bottle if it shows signs of damage.

Soft Water Bottles-3


Soft water bottles offer a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles. By considering the features, factors, and advice provided in this guide, you can confidently select the perfect soft water bottle to suit your needs and preferences.


What are soft water bottles?

Soft Water Bottles-4

Soft water bottles are designed with flexible, leak-resistant materials that make them lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. They’re ideal for hiking, camping, or daily use.

How do soft water bottles differ from hard plastic water bottles?

Soft water bottles are typically made of materials like silicone or TPU, making them more flexible and lightweight than hard plastic water bottles. They’re also more compact when not in use, making them easier to pack and store.

How do I clean a soft water bottle?

  1. Rinse the bottle thoroughly with warm water.

  2. Mix a solution of warm water and dish soap.

  3. Use a bottle brush to scrub the interior thoroughly.

  4. Rinse well with water.

  5. Air dry or dry with a clean cloth before use.

Soft Water Bottles-5

Can I put hot water in a soft water bottle?

It is generally not recommended to put hot water in soft water bottles, as the heat may damage or deform the flexible material. However, some bottles are specifically designed to handle hot water, so always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before doing so.

How long do soft water bottles last?

The lifespan of a soft water bottle depends on the quality of the materials used and proper care and maintenance. With proper care, a high-quality bottle can last several years.

How can I prevent my soft water bottle from smelling?

Soft Water Bottles-6
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow it to air dry after each use.

  • Periodically clean the bottle with a mixture of warm water and dish soap or use a commercial cleaning solution designed for water bottles.

  • Store the bottle with the cap removed to prevent bacteria buildup and mold growth.

Are soft water bottles eco-friendly?

Soft water bottles can be more eco-friendly than single-use plastic bottles, as they can be reused multiple times. However, the environmental impact varies depending on the materials used and how the water bottle is disposed of or recycled once it reaches the end of its life.

How do I choose the best soft water bottle for my needs?

Consider factors such as material, size, weight, and insulation. Look for a bottle that is leak-proof, easy to clean, and made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. Evaluate the manufacturer’s reputation and read reviews to ensure you’re choosing a high-quality product that best suits your needs.

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