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Manduka Yoga Mats

Discover the best Manduka Yoga Mats for your practice in our in-depth product roundup. Featuring top options for quality, comfort, and performance, find the perfect mat to enhance your yoga experience.

Discover the best Manduka Yoga Mats for your practice in our in-depth product roundup. Featuring top options for quality, comfort, and performance, find the perfect mat to enhance your yoga experience.

Discover the best Manduka Yoga Mats in this comprehensive roundup article. From stylish designs to high-quality materials, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth analysis of these top-notch yoga mats. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned practitioners, Manduka mats offer a perfect balance of comfort, durability, and style. Make your yoga journey more enjoyable with our hand-picked selection of Manduka’s finest offerings.

The Top 9 Best Manduka Yoga Mats

  1. Manduka Pro-Travel 71” Yoga Mat 2.5mm - Ultra-Dense Cushion, Non-Slip Grip, Easy to Clean - The Manduka Pro-Travel 71” Yoga Mat combines portability with unparalleled support, stability, and comfort in a 100% PVC, latex-free design, offering the perfect blend of grip, cushioning, and odor-resistance for dedicated yogis on-the-go.

  2. Manduka 4mm EkoLite Yoga Mat - The Manduka Ekolite Yoga Mat provides a sustainable, lightweight option with a grippy surface texture, comfortable cushioning, and durable construction, making it ideal for on-the-go yogis while practicing anywhere on the planet.

  3. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat: Smooth and Durable for Practicing in Style - Experience unparalleled joint support and hygienic protection with the Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat.

  4. Manduka GRP Yoga Mat, 6mm Thickness - Manduka GRP Yoga Mat: Slip-resistant Spanish-crafted mat with a natural tree rubber and PU top layer, perfect for practice with great grip, support, and a comfortable 6mm thickness.

  5. Manduka Repreve Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel - Manduka’s Yogitoes Mat Towel delivers unbeatable slip resistance for hot yoga and intense workouts while remaining eco-friendly and staying true to Manduka’s prestigious brand reputation.

  6. Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat - Midnight - Elevate your yoga practice with the lightweight, durable Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat, offering superior support, grip, and an elegant design for enhanced comfort and performance.

  7. Manduka Yogitoes Sweat-Wicking Yoga Mat Towel for Hot Yoga - Green Array - The Manduka Yogitoes Standard 71” Emerald Array Yoga Mat Towel excels at hot yoga, is made from recycled materials, non-slip, and highly absorbent - perfect for sweaty sessions.

  8. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat for Lifetime Durability and Enhanced Practice - The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is unrivaled in comfort and durability, with a closed-cell surface for sweat resistance, high-density cushioning for joint protection, and a lifetime guarantee for your investment in the perfect practice partner.

  9. Manduka Yogitoes Standard Absorbent Yoga Mat Towel - Experience the perfect grip and ultimate comfort with Manduka’s Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel, made from 4+ recycled plastic bottles and offering ideal support for hot yoga sessions.

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Manduka Pro-Travel 71” Yoga Mat 2.5mm - Ultra-Dense Cushion, Non-Slip Grip, Easy to Clean


As a frequent traveler, I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect yoga mat that’s lightweight, easy to pack, and still offers good support. Lately, I’ve been trying out Manduka’s Pro Travel Mat, and it’s been a game changer for my practice on-the-go.

At first glance, the 2.5mm thickness may seem too thin compared to others I’ve used, but don’t let that fool you. This mat provides ample cushioning and joint protection, even when you’re practicing on hard surfaces like tile or wood floors. Its small size makes it incredibly portable and the dot pattern offers a nice grip, ensuring you won’t slip during your practice.

One feature I really appreciate is the closed-cell surface, which keeps moisture and bacteria at bay. This not only extends the life of your mat but also makes cleanup a breeze after class. And speaking of easy, the Manduka Pro Travel Mat rolls up nicely and can even be folded for even more compact storage.

Now, let’s talk about some cons. As with any new mat, it does require some breaking in before it reaches its full potential. The process can be a bit time-consuming, but I believe the effort is worthwhile considering the quality of this product. Additionally, those who are accustomed to thicker mats might find the feel of this one a bit different.

Overall, I’m very happy with my Manduka Pro Travel Mat. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort, portability, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for traveling yogis like myself. If you’re in the market for a new yoga mat that can stand up to the rigors of your on-the-go practice, give this one a shot - you won’t be disappointed!

Manduka 4mm EkoLite Yoga Mat


The Manduka Ekolite Yoga Mat has been my go-to for yoga sessions, providing excellent grip and comfort. It’s no wonder this mat has received so many positive reviews. Its natural rubber top layer ensures a secure grip, even during the most intense yoga sessions. The cushioned ride is just right, giving my joints the support they need without compromising on portability.

One of the standout features for me is its eco-friendliness. Being made from sustainably harvested non-Amazon rubber trees, it’s a product I feel good about using and supporting. The natural rubber scent is another plus, adding a fresh, clean aroma to my practice space.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks. The mat can be quite heavy, making it a bit cumbersome to carry around. Additionally, some users have reported an unpleasant taste from the rubber residue, which can be quite bothersome.

Overall, the Manduka Ekolite Yoga Mat has been an excellent addition to my yoga practice. Its durability, grip, and eco-friendliness make it a top choice for yogis looking for a high-quality mat.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat: Smooth and Durable for Practicing in Style


Oh, how smoothly it glided beneath me, not a hint of stickiness in sight, just pure unadulterated bliss. The Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat is a beauty, and boy, does it perform. As soon as I stepped onto it, there was an immediate sensation of cushioning comfort that enveloped my joints, making every move I made feel effortless.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty gritty. The closed-cell surface is a godsend for us sweaty folks. It’s like having a personal hygienist right there on my mat, wicking away all the moisture and bacteria, making cleanup a breeze. It’s perfect for those intense sessions when you’re dripping with sweat, no one wants to deal with that grimy mat after, right?

The professional medium grip is another standout feature. While it’s not the stickiest of surfaces, it offers just enough resistance to prevent you from sliding all over the place. I was particularly impressed by the dot pattern, which kept my mat firmly in place on the floor, so no unnecessary tripping incidents occurred.

However, I must admit, there are a few drawbacks. First off, the size might be a tad too large for some people. If you’re on the smaller side, you might find yourself feeling a bit lost on this mat. Secondly, it’s quite a heavy piece of equipment, making portability somewhat challenging.

Finally, the initial break-in period was a bit of a hurdle. As the previous reviewer mentioned, the surface can be quite slippery at first. But, with a little bit of elbow grease and a sprinkle of sea salt, it’ll become your faithful yoga companion in no time.

Overall, I’d give the Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat a big thumbs up. It’s comfortable, versatile, and easy to clean. If you’re in the market for a new yoga mat, this one’s definitely worth considering. Just remember, like all good things, it may take a little bit of time and effort to get the most out of it.

Manduka GRP Yoga Mat, 6mm Thickness


I’ve been using the Manduka GRP 6mm Yoga Mat for a few months now, and I can’t start without mentioning the grip. It’s been a game-changer for my practice. Even when I’m dripping sweat during a hot yoga session, I don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the place. The mat provides excellent support and comfort, especially with its 6mm thickness. It’s perfect for those who prefer a nice cushioned feel under their knees and back.

However, it’s not all roses with this mat. The first thing that caught my attention was the smell - not quite a deal-breaker, but it took some time to get used to. Additionally, I found it a bit difficult to clean due to the absorbent material. It’s not the most portable option either, which can be a pain if you’re frequently on the move.

All things considered, I would recommend the Manduka GRP 6mm Yoga Mat to someone looking for a reliable and comfortable option. The grip alone makes it worth considering, but be prepared for a unique smell and some challenges when it comes to cleaning and portability.

Manduka Repreve Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel


As an avid yogi, I was ecstatic to try out Manduka’s Repreve Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel. I’ve been using it for my Hot Yoga sessions and it has been a game-changer. The towel not only looks beautiful with its Star pattern but also performs exceptionally well. The moment I start to sweat, the patented nubbed bottom holds the towel firmly onto my mat, providing a slip-free experience.

One of the major highlights of this product is the eco-friendliness. Knowing that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles adds an extra layer of satisfaction to my practice. Plus, it’s designed by yogis and recommended by yoga teachers worldwide, which speaks volumes about its quality.

However, there’s a minor downside - the towel tends to be a bit slippery when dry. But, let’s be honest, in Hot Yoga, everything gets wet pretty quickly, so this isn’t a major concern.

Overall, I would highly recommend Manduka’s Repreve Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel to anyone who loves Hot Yoga or any other sweaty practice. It’s durable, stylish, and most importantly, makes your practice safer and more enjoyable.

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat - Midnight


As a long-time yoga enthusiast, I was excited to try out the Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat. Right off the bat, I was impressed with its lightweight design, which made it perfect for on-the-go usage. The closed-cell structure was also a highlight, as it kept out any moisture and prevented bacteria growth.

The dot pattern on the bottom of the mat was quite notable, as it helped keep the mat in place during my practice. However, one downside I experienced was with the grip quality. Due to my naturally sweaty palms and feet, I had trouble maintaining a stable grip during my daily ashtanga practice. The salt method recommended by the manufacturer didn’t seem to make much difference either.

On a positive note, the mat is incredibly well made, and its durability is evident in its high-quality materials. The thickness of the mat also ensures comfort and joint protection during practice, making it an attractive option for those who require extra cushioning.

Unfortunately, the Prolite does not come without its drawbacks. Its unique grip quality can be challenging for those with sweaty hands and feet, and the roll-up process can be somewhat cumbersome. However, it does offer exceptional portability, making it an ideal choice for frequent travelers.

Overall, the Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat provides excellent durability and quality but may not suit everyone’s needs due to its grip quality. If you have dry hands and feet, this mat may be an ideal choice for you, but those with sweaty palms may prefer other alternatives.

Manduka Yogitoes Sweat-Wicking Yoga Mat Towel for Hot Yoga - Green Array


I recently purchased the Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel in Emerald Array to enhance my hot yoga practice, and it has become a game-changer! . The high absorbency and non-slip features make it the perfect companion for those sweaty sessions. .

I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and hygienic the towel felt, given that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. . The patented Skidless Technology, utilizing 100% silicone nubs, ensures a strong grip to the yoga mat. . Overall, I’ve found the Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel to be a worthwhile investment for my yoga practice, but it’s essential to consider individual preferences and expectations. .

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat for Lifetime Durability and Enhanced Practice


I’ve been using the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat for a while now, and let me tell you, it has revolutionized my practice sessions. This legendary yoga mat is not just comfortable, but it also provides unrivaled density and cushioning to protect my joints and offer a stable surface for practice.

One day, I was in the middle of an intense Ashtanga practice when my old mat decided to give up on me. It started peeling, fading, and losing its grip. That’s when I heard about the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat and its promise of lifetime durability. I was skeptical at first, but now, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat features a unique fabric-like finish that not only feels great under my hands and feet but also offers a simple, elegant design. Its closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat, keepings it dry and hygienic during even the most intense sessions.

One of the most significant benefits of this yoga mat is the high-density cushioning that comes with it. It’s provided me with unmatched support and comfort, making it easier for me to focus on my practice without worrying about discomfort or injuries.

I also appreciate the fact that the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is 100% latex-free, and its manufacturing process is emission-free. I’m always conscious of the products I use, especially when it comes to my well-being, and this mat checks all the boxes.

Another feature that stands out for me is the non-slip polka dot pattern on the bottom of the mat. It keeps the mat firmly in place, even during my most intense yoga sessions, giving me peace of mind and a safer practice environment.

However, there have been times when I’ve encountered some downsides to this mat. One such instance was when I had to use it on a hard floor. The lack of insulation made it difficult for me to maintain my balance, particularly during standing poses.

Another issue I’ve faced is the occasional slipperiness of the mat. While the non-slip surface helps to some extent, I’ve also noticed that the mat can become slippery when I’m sweaty during practice.

Despite these minor inconveniences, I’m still in love with my Manduka Pro Yoga Mat. Its durability, comfort, and support have made a significant difference in my practice, and I can’t imagine going back to my old mat.

In conclusion, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is an excellent choice for yogis of all levels who are looking for a reliable and comfortable yoga mat. Its unique features, such as the fabric-like finish, high-density cushioning, and non-slip polka dot pattern, make it a standout choice in the world of yoga mats. While there may be some minor drawbacks, such as the occasional slipperiness and lack of insulation on hard surfaces, these do not outweigh the overall benefits of this fantastic product.

Manduka Yogitoes Standard Absorbent Yoga Mat Towel


I recently started practicing yoga with the Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel, and I must say, it has become a game-changer for me. Not only is it highly absorbent, but it also features patented Skidless Technology that grips the mat with silicone nubs, making it perfect for hot yoga sessions.

What I love about this product is its soft, hygienic, and absorbent material. It’s made from recycled plastic water bottles, so it’s also environmentally friendly. The best part? It doesn’t slip or move around on my yoga mat, even during those intense sweaty sessions!

However, I did notice some color bleeding during the first wash, which might be a concern for some users. Additionally, the price tag of $68 might seem a bit steep for some people, considering it’s just a yoga mat towel.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel. Its performance and quality have surpassed my expectations, making it worth every penny spent. If you’re in the market for a high-quality yoga mat towel that can withstand your sweatiest sessions, the Manduka Yogitoes is definitely worth considering!

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features to Look for in Manduka Yoga Mats

Manduka Yoga Mats-2

Manduka yoga mats are known for their durability, comfort, and excellent grip. When choosing a Manduka yoga mat, consider the following features:

  • Thickness: Yoga mats usually come in three different thicknesses – 1/16”, 1/8”, and 1/4”. The right thickness depends on your preferred styles of yoga and on your physical comfort. Thicker mats provide more cushioning, which can be beneficial for those with joint issues.

  • Size: Manduka offers mats in standard and Prolite sizes. Standard mats are the right size for most people, but taller individuals might prefer a longer mat to ensure enough space for their practice.

  • Traction: Good grip is essential for maintaining balance during your practice. Manduka mats have an excellent grip, but some might prefer a slightly rougher texture for enhanced traction.

  • Material: Manduka mats are made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. Some users may prefer natural rubber mats for their eco-friendliness.

Considerations When Choosing a Manduka Yoga Mat

Before deciding on a Manduka yoga mat, consider the following:

  • Yoga Style: Some yoga styles require a softer mat for extra cushioning, while others may benefit from a more stable, firm surface. Choose a mat that suits your preferred type of yoga.

  • Budget: Manduka yoga mats are priced according to their quality, durability, and thickness. Be sure to select a mat that fits within your allocated budget.

  • Washing and Care: Consider how easy a mat is to clean and maintain, as well as its resistance to odors and bacteria.

  • Portability: If you need to transport your mat to classes or practice spaces, look for a lightweight or foldable option that is easy to carry.

General Advice for Maintaining Your Manduka Yoga Mat

To ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your Manduka yoga mat, follow these guidelines:

  1. Wash your mat regularly with a mild soap and water. Use a soft cloth to gently clean the surface, and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers that could damage the material.

  2. Allow your mat to air dry completely before rolling it up or storing it. Proper drying prevents the build-up of mold and mildew.

  3. Use a yoga towel or mat topper during practice to protect your mat from sweat and oils. This can prolong the life of your mat and prevent it from becoming slippery.

  4. Store your mat flat or loosely rolled to prevent creases or cracks in the material.

By considering the important features, weighing your preferences, and following proper care instructions, you’ll find the perfect Manduka yoga mat to enhance your practice.

Manduka Yoga Mats-3


Are Manduka yoga mats suitable for beginners?

Yes, Manduka offers a wide range of yoga mats suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The PROlite and eKO Lite are perfect for beginners due to their lightweight design and cushioned surface, providing comfort and support during practice.

What materials are used in Manduka yoga mats?

Manduka Yoga Mats-4

Manduka uses a variety of materials in their yoga mats, including PVC-free TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for the PRO series, natural rubber for the eKO series, and polyurethane foam for the GRP series. Each material offers unique benefits, such as durability, eco-friendliness, or lightness.

How do I clean my Manduka yoga mat?

Cleaning your Manduka yoga mat is easy. Simply use a damp cloth or sponge with a mild detergent, and gently wipe down the surface. Avoid getting the mat too wet, and allow it to air dry completely before rolling it up and storing it away.

How thick are Manduka yoga mats?

Manduka yoga mats come in varying thicknesses to cater to different preferences and needs. The PRO series ranges from 4mm (PRO) to 6mm (PROlite), while the eKO series offers a 4mm (eKO Lite) and 5mm (eKO) option. The GRP series has a 6mm (GRP) and a 7.5mm (GRP Air) thickness.

Manduka Yoga Mats-5

Do Manduka yoga mats have a scent?

New Manduka yoga mats may have a slightly noticeable scent, such as latex or rubber, depending on the material used. It’s recommended to air out the mat for a few days before first use. Over time, the scent should dissipate as the mat is used and cleaned regularly.

How do Manduka yoga mats compare with other brands in terms of grip and traction?

Manduka yoga mats are known for their superior grip and traction. The company’s patented dot pattern on the bottom of the mats helps prevent slipping while practicing yoga. Additionally, the company’s natural rubber mats offer more natural stickiness, making them an excellent choice for those with slippery hands or feet.

How long does it take for a Manduka yoga mat to arrive after purchase?

Manduka Yoga Mats-6

Shipping times for Manduka yoga mats may vary depending on your location, the shipping method selected, and the time of year. Generally, Standard shipping within the United States takes 3-5 business days, while expedited shipping takes 1-2 business days. International shipping times may vary, so it’s best to check with the seller or their website for specific information.

How do I return or exchange a Manduka yoga mat?

Manduka offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for most products. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, contact their customer service team for assistance with the return or exchange process. Be sure to provide your order number and a brief description of the issue, and they will guide you through the necessary steps.

How do I ensure that my Manduka yoga mat lasts a long time?

To prolong the life of your Manduka yoga mat, follow these care tips: * Clean your mat regularly with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

  • Store your mat in a cool, dry place to prevent mildew and damage from extreme temperatures.

  • Avoid exposing your mat to direct sunlight for extended periods, as this might cause fading or discoloration.

  • Use a yoga towel to help absorb sweat and reduce the chances of slipping, especially during hot yoga sessions.

Do Manduka yoga mats come with a warranty?

Yes, Manduka offers a lifetime guarantee on their PRO series mats and a 1-year warranty on their eKO series mats. This guarantee covers defects in material and workmanship. If your mat experiences any issues within the warranty period, contact Manduka’s customer service team for assistance.

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