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Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mats

Discover the best environmentally friendly yoga mats on the market, with this comprehensive product roundup featuring eco-conscious options made from sustainable materials, perfect for green-minded yogis seeking a more sustainable practice.

Discover the best environmentally friendly yoga mats on the market, with this comprehensive product roundup featuring eco-conscious options made from sustainable materials, perfect for green-minded yogis seeking a more sustainable practice.

Are you a yoga enthusiast who’s conscious about the environment? Do you want to practice your Downward Dog without leaving a heavy carbon footprint? Look no further! In this article, we bring you an exclusive roundup of the most environmentally friendly yoga mats in the market. Our collection covers everything from biodegradable materials to sustainable manufacturing practices. So whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, we have the perfect mat for you that balances your yoga practice with eco-consciousness.

From natural rubber to recycled cork and even yoga mats made from recycled plastic bottles, we present a variety of options that promise comfort, grip, and durability while also minimizing your ecological impact. So, if you’re ready to add some green to your yoga mat collection, keep reading to find out which one aligns best with your practice and your values!

The Top 7 Best Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mats

  1. Organic Cotton Yoga Mat for Comfort and Portability - Live Well 360’s Handmade Organic Cotton Mat is the ideal yoga companion for avid practitioners, offering unbeatable portability, skin-friendly comfort, and remarkable durability.

  2. Earth-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat in Floral Batik - Eco-conscious yogis, the Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat offers unmatched grip and moisture resistance with a renewable, sustainable cork top layer, ensuring a stable, hygienic practice that protects joints and keeps up with your flow.

  3. Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat - Discover the natural comfort and durability of the Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat by Live Well 360, designed to enhance your practice and support your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

  4. Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Hemp Yoga Mat - Experience unparalleled comfort and eco-consciousness with our handmade, 100% natural hemp yoga mat, perfect for outdoor adventures or a luxurious practice space at home.

  5. Cork Yoga Mat with Non-Slip Grip and Mandala Pattern - Experience a new level of grip and eco-friendliness with the Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat, featuring a 100% natural rubber base and a renewable, sustainable cork top layer that enhances your practice while protecting your joints and the environment.

  6. Eco-Friendly Anahata Yoga Mat for Balance and Serenity - Experience the ultimate fusion of eco-friendliness and Anahata energy with Shakti Warrior’s 100% PU Yoga Mat, designed to encourage heart chakra balance and serenity while offering unmatched grip, durability, and comfort.

  7. Peaceful Mountain Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat with Strap - Experience unparalleled tranquility and support with our eco-friendly, non-slip, and self-cleaning Peaceful Mountain Cork Yoga Mat.

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Organic Cotton Yoga Mat for Comfort and Portability


I’ve been using the Live Well 360 Organic Cotton Yoga Rug for quite some time now, and I must say, it’s a game-changer. As a passionate yogi who values both comfort and sustainability, this mat has exceeded my expectations in more ways than one.

Firstly, the portability of this rug is unmatched. Unlike traditional yoga mats, this rug folds up nice and tight, making it easy to carry around wherever I go. Whether I’m heading to a yoga class or just practicing at home, its compact size ensures it doesn’t hog too much space in my bag. Plus, washing it is a breeze - just throw it in the washing machine with cold water and let it air dry. It’s always smelling fresh and clean for my next session.

The softness of the organic cotton is another standout feature. Unlike synthetic mats that can sometimes feel harsh on the skin, this rug provides a comfortable surface that’s gentle yet firm. However, I’ve noticed that it’s not as thick as other mats I’ve used, so if you’re looking for extra cushioning, pairing it with a yoga blanket might be a good idea.

One issue I’ve experienced is the grip. While it’s generally fine on carpeted surfaces, using it on hardwood floors can be a challenge due to its lack of traction. To overcome this, I’ve started using a non-slip mat underneath it, which has significantly improved its grip and stability during practice.

In terms of durability, I’m impressed with how well this rug has held up so far. Despite frequent washing, it hasn’t shown any signs of wear or shrinkage. Additionally, knowing that my purchase supports ethical and sustainable practices adds an extra layer of satisfaction to my yoga practice.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Live Well 360 Organic Cotton Yoga Rug to anyone seeking a high-quality, eco-friendly mat for their yoga sessions. Its comfort, portability, and ease of use make it an attractive option for both seasoned yogis and beginners alike.

Earth-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat in Floral Batik


I recently got the chance to try out Yoga Design Lab’s Floral Batik Coral Cork Yoga Mat, and I must say, it was an absolute game-changer. The moment I unrolled it in my yoga studio, its vibrant design caught everyone’s eye. It’s not just eye-catching; its environmentally friendly nature is equally admirable, being made from natural rubber and renewable cork.

The real magic happens during practice. As the heat rises and sweat trickles down, the cork surface becomes incredibly grippy, providing a stable and secure foundation for even the most demanding poses. No more yoga towel necessary! Plus, the closed-cell structure of the cork prevents moisture absorption, keeping odors and bacteria at bay.

However, there’s a minor con. The foldable 1.5mm option, though perfect for portability and doubling as a non-slip topper for other mats, doesn’t provide as much cushioning as I’d like for my knees and wrists amidst intense sessions.

Overall, this Floral Batik Coral Cork Yoga Mat is an excellent choice for yogis who value sustainability, visual appeal, and exceptional grip performance, offering a unique fusion of nature’s best materials and modern design aesthetics.

Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat


I’ve been using the Gayo Handmade Organic Yoga Mat made with 100% organic cotton, and it’s genuinely enhanced my yoga practice. The material’s softness provides just the right amount of comfort and grip, making it perfect for both novice and experienced yogis alike. One fantastic feature that truly stands out is the easy-care instructions; this mat can be hand or machine-washed in cold water, ensuring it stays clean and fresh for my next session.

The only minor drawback I’ve encountered is that it requires a bit more care than synthetic mats due to its organic nature, but the benefits of using this mat far outweigh the few extra minutes in upkeep. Overall, the Gayo Handmade Organic Yoga Mat has been an excellent addition to my yoga routine, and I would highly recommend it to any fellow yoga enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, sustainable practice surface.

Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Hemp Yoga Mat


Imagine you have just started a morning yoga ritual, but your rubber mat feels damp and smells unpleasant. That’s when my hemp yoga mat came to the rescue! The first thing that struck me about this mat was how incredibly comfortable it was. Made from wild hemp canvas cotton, it feels soft and luxurious under my bare feet.

One of the standout features for me was its eco-friendliness. Knowing that the fibers were hand-harvested, washed in pure Himalayan water, and hand-spun, makes me feel good about using this product in my daily practice. Plus, it has a beautiful natural scent that adds to the calming atmosphere during my sessions.

However, there were a couple of cons that I noticed. Firstly, the mat is quite heavy, so it can be a bit cumbersome when I’m carrying it to my classes. Secondly, the price point might be a bit steep for some people.

Overall, this hemp yoga mat has definitely enhanced my yoga experience. Its comfort, eco-friendliness, and natural scent make it a worthwhile investment for any yogi looking to upgrade their mat.

Cork Yoga Mat with Non-Slip Grip and Mandala Pattern


Imagine waking up on a chilly morning, your body aching from the day before. You reach for your Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat 3.5mm Mandala Black, eager to start your daily yoga routine. As soon as you unroll it on the floor, you notice its unique pattern and deep black color - it’s like watching morning mist rise from the mat itself.

One of the first things that catch your eye is the mandala design printed using non-fade water-based ink. It’s not only stunning but also helps guide alignment during various poses. Plus, the natural rubber base layer offers excellent support and cushioning, protecting your joints while maintaining stability.

Its most notable feature, however, is the 100% natural cork top layer. Unlike traditional mats, cork actually becomes grippier when wet, giving you extra traction in those hot yoga sessions. And thanks to cork’s closed-cell and anti-microbial properties, your mat stays fresher longer, resisting odor and bacteria from sweat.

But it’s not all roses with this mat. Some users have found the 1.5mm foldable version to be too thin for stone or cement surfaces. Additionally, a few reviewers mentioned that the mat can be slippery until wet, which may require some adjustments depending on your practice style.

Overall, though, the Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat 3.5mm Mandala Black is a high-quality, eco-friendly option for yogis who value both style and function. Its unique design, superior grip, and natural materials make it stand out as one of the best choices for those looking to improve their practice while also caring for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Anahata Yoga Mat for Balance and Serenity


Anahata Yoga Mat, the perfect blend of style and sustainability! “

After unrolling this eye-catching mat in my daily yoga practice, I can truly say that it has transformed not only my workout space but also my connection with myself during each session. The vibrant print instantly lifts my mood and boosts my motivation to flow, while the 100% eco-friendly PU material provides the cushioning and grip needed to maintain stability and balance throughout each pose.

Despite some initial concerns about how well the mat would stay in place on my hardwood floors, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its impressive grip quality. Even during those sweaty hot yoga classes, my hands and feet remain firmly planted on the mat, allowing me to fully immerse myself in my practice without constantly worrying about slipping.

In terms of comfort, this mat offers just the right amount of thickness and softness to support my joints during those long stays in downward-facing dog. It’s also incredibly easy to clean – a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep it looking fresh and new.

However, I have to admit that this mat’s durability could use some improvement. The beautiful design has started to show signs of wear after only a few weeks of regular use, which can be a bit disheartening for anyone who takes pride in their workout gear.

All things considered, the Anahata Yoga Mat is a stylish and functional addition to any yogi’s collection. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option that not only looks good but also provides a sturdy and comfortable foundation for your practice, this mat is definitely worth considering. Just remember to be gentle with it – after all, good things come to those who care.

Peaceful Mountain Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat with Strap


As a yoga enthusiast who’s always on the lookout for eco-friendly products, I was excited to try out the Peaceful Mountain cork yoga mat. I can attest that this mat definitely lives up to its name - it’s a calming and comfortable addition to my practice.

The first thing I noticed was how lightweight and easy it was to carry around. Its dimensions, 72x24 inches, make it perfect for all types of yoga styles, from Ashtanga to Vinyasa Flow.

One of its standout features is definitely the extra grip. Even during my most intense sessions, I never had to worry about slipping or losing balance, thanks to the mat’s unique cork texture. Plus, the self-cleaning properties added a sense of peace and confidence knowing my mat stays clean and fresh.

However, if there’s one thing that could be improved, it would be the strap. While it’s a nice touch, I found it a bit difficult to use initially. But after a few tries, it got much easier and became an essential part of my yoga bag.

In summary, the Peaceful Mountain cork yoga mat has quickly become my go-to choice for my practice. Its natural materials and thoughtful design make it a reliable choice for any yogi who values quality, sustainability, and comfort in their practice.

Buyer’s Guide

Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mats-2

Features to Consider

When choosing an environmentally friendly yoga mat, consider the following features:

  • Material: Look for mats made from sustainable materials such as organic rubber, cork, and natural tree rubber.

  • Thickness: A thinner mat may be more eco-friendly due to less material being used, but a thicker mat may provide greater support and comfort during your practice.

  • Size: Choose a mat that fits your body size and practice space needs while ensuring it is easy to transport if necessary.

Importance of Eco-Friendly Mats

Opting for an environmentally friendly yoga mat has several benefits:

  • Sustainable: Eco-friendly mats are made from materials that are renewable, biodegradable, and free from harmful chemicals, reducing their impact on the environment.

  • Non-Slip: Many eco-friendly mats offer excellent grip and non-slip performance, ensuring a secure and stable practice.

  • Durability: High-quality eco-friendly mats are usually more durable than traditional PVC mats, offering long-lasting use with proper care.

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Maintenance and Care

Proper care and maintenance of your eco-friendly yoga mat can help prolong its lifespan:

  1. Cleaning: Use a gentle and natural cleaner suitable for your mat’s material, avoiding abrasive scrubbers or chemicals that could damage the mat’s surface.

  2. Air Dry: Allow your mat to air dry completely before rolling it up or storing it, as moisture trapped inside can lead to mold and mildew growth.

  3. Storage: Store your mat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat, as excessive heat can cause the material to degrade over time.

Choosing the Right Mat for You

Consider the following factors when selecting an eco-friendly yoga mat:

  • Your Yoga Style: Different styles of yoga may require different types of mats, so choose one that suits your practice best.

  • Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on a yoga mat, keeping in mind that higher-quality mats may have a higher price tag.

  • Personal Preferences: Take into account factors such as color, design, and thickness, ensuring the mat aligns with your aesthetic preferences and comfort needs.

By taking these considerations into account, you can make an informed decision when selecting an environmentally friendly yoga mat that aligns with your eco-conscious values and delivers a comfortable and supportive practice.

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What are environmentally friendly yoga mats?

Environmentally friendly yoga mats are made from sustainable and eco-conscious materials, such as natural rubber, cork, or recycled materials. They are designed to reduce the impact on the environment and promote a healthier practice for yogis. Many of these mats are free from harmful chemicals and adhesives, making them a safer and more environmentally responsible choice.

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How do environmentally friendly yoga mats benefit the environment?

Choosing an environmentally friendly yoga mat reduces your carbon footprint by using sustainable materials and reducing waste. These mats are often made from recycled or renewable resources, which helps protect our planet’s natural resources. By choosing an eco-friendly mat, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future.

Are environmentally friendly yoga mats as effective as regular yoga mats?

Yes, environmentally friendly yoga mats are designed to provide the same level of comfort, grip, and cushioning as regular yoga mats. Many eco-friendly mats use high-quality materials that offer excellent performance in various yoga styles and classes. In fact, some environmentally friendly materials, like cork, are naturally slip-resistant, making them a preferred choice for many yogis.

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How long do environmentally friendly yoga mats last?

The longevity of an environmentally friendly yoga mat depends on the quality of the material and how well it is cared for. Many eco-friendly mats are made to last several years with proper use and maintenance. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to prolong the life of your mat. Some environmentally friendly mats, like those made from natural rubber, may have a shorter lifespan compared to PVC mats, but they are more biodegradable and less harmful to the environment.

How do I clean and maintain an environmentally friendly yoga mat?

Cleaning and maintaining an environmentally friendly yoga mat varies depending on the material. Always consult the manufacturer’s care instructions for specific cleaning and maintenance recommendations. Generally, most environmentally friendly mats can be wiped down with a mixture of water and gentle soap or a yoga mat cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers that may damage the surface or reduce the mat’s effectiveness over time. After cleaning, allow your mat to air dry completely before rolling it up or storing it to prevent mold and mildew growth.

What should I consider when choosing an environmentally friendly yoga mat?

When selecting an environmentally friendly yoga mat, consider factors such as material, grip, thickness, and price. Choose a material that aligns with your personal preferences and values, such as natural rubber, cork, or recycled materials. Consider the level of grip and cushioning you need for your preferred yoga style and check reviews to ensure the mat meets your performance expectations. Lastly, compare prices and weigh the benefits of investing in a high-quality, environmentally friendly yoga mat that will last for years to come.

Can I recycle an environmentally friendly yoga mat?

Yes, many environmentally friendly yoga mats are made from recycled or biodegradable materials that can be recycled or composted at the end of their life. However, not all recycling facilities accept the same types of materials, so it’s essential to check with your local recycling program to ensure they accept your specific mat material. When disposing of your yoga mat, make sure it is clean and dry to avoid contamination at the recycling facility.

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