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Apollo Kettlebells

Discover the benefits and reviews of Apollo Kettlebells, a premium line of workout equipment designed for strength, power, and muscle toning. This comprehensive roundup offers insights and comparisons of the brand's range of kettlebells, perfect for fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Discover the benefits and reviews of Apollo Kettlebells, a premium line of workout equipment designed for strength, power, and muscle toning. This comprehensive roundup offers insights and comparisons of the brand's range of kettlebells, perfect for fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Apollo Kettlebells! In this article, we take an in-depth look at these innovative workout tools that are revolutionizing the fitness world.

We’ll discuss their benefits, the different types available, and offer tips on how you can incorporate them into your workout routine. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, this article is packed with valuable information to help you get the most out of your workout with Apollo Kettlebells.

The Top 5 Best Apollo Kettlebells

  1. 15-50lb Adjustable Kettlebell Set - The Apex Adjustable Kettlebell is a versatile, well-built piece of equipment that allows you to adjust weights from 20 to 50 pounds, perfect for building muscles and enhancing your workout routine at home.

  2. 28 KG Cast Iron Kettlebell for Intense Workouts - Experience the benefits of a versatile full-body workout with Shogun Sports’ 28 KG / 62 LB Premium Cast Iron Kettlebell, featuring a polished, seamless construction and corrosion-resistant paint for unmatched durability and improved grip.

  3. Stamina Adjustable Versa-Bell: 16-36 lb Kettlebell - The Stamina 36 lb Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell lets you enjoy the full benefits of a kettlebell set in one sturdy, adjustable piece of equipment, offering six weight levels and customizable intensity to enhance your workout routine.

  4. Bells of Steel Competition-Style Adjustable Kettlebell - Bells of Steel” Adjustable Kettlebell: Upgraded Version with Competition-Style, Ergonomic Design for Full Body Workouts, Space-Saving, Versatile Gym Equipment, 12-20.5 kg with Weight Plates, Expansion Packs Available for Wider Weight Range.

  5. 50lb Durable Cast Iron Kettlebell - Experience the unmatched durability and quality of the Bintiva 50lb Kettlebells, featuring a protective bottom for stability and safety, color-coded weights for easy identification, and uncoated handles for a comfortable grip during your workout.

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15-50lb Adjustable Kettlebell Set


I’ve been using the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell for a few weeks now, and I must say, it’s made a great addition to my home gym. The range of weights it offers, from 20-50 pounds by simply adding or removing the spacer disks, has allowed me to progress with my strength training effectively.

One thing that stands out about this kettlebell is its sturdy construction. Due to the use of solid cast-iron and a powder coating, I’ve found this piece of equipment to be reliable and long-lasting. The textured surface not only withstands heavy use but also provides a good grip during workouts, even when things get sweaty.

The U-bar handle on the kettlebell has also made a significant positive impact on my training. Its wide, smooth design allows for greater control and precision during workouts, making it easier to perform large movements with confidence while minimizing the risk of injury.

However, one drawback is the difficulty of finding suitable weighted discs to replace the non-weighted spacer disks. The product description specifies the need to buy these separately, but I found the process of searching for compatible weights to be a bit of a hassle.

Overall, the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their home workout experience. Its durable construction, user-friendly design, and range of customizable weights make it a reliable tool for muscle building, toning, and strength-training exercises.

28 KG Cast Iron Kettlebell for Intense Workouts


As an avid fitness enthusiast, I’ve always been on the lookout for reliable and high-quality workout equipment. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these 28 kg Cast Iron Kettlebells by Shogun Sports! They’re made of solid cast iron, which gives them this unbeatable sturdiness that’s perfect for my intense workout routines.

The fact that they’re made in a single piece is a game-changer! No more worrying about weak spots, welds, or seams ruining my workout. And let’s talk about the painted finish - it’s not just for aesthetics; the corrosion-resistant paint adds to the durability, ensuring these bad boys will last me a lifetime!

One thing I really appreciated is how the smooth, polished surface feels on my hands. It’s so much more comfortable, especially during those grueling sweat sessions. Plus, the paint allows for better chalk adherence, giving me an unparalleled grip.

Now, just because these kettlebells are tough doesn’t mean they’re not user-friendly. The flat, wobble-free surface ensures they won’t roll away when I set them down - one less thing to worry about during my workout. And speaking of setting them down, the dual LB/KG markings make it super easy to track my progress and see how far I’ve come.

While I don’t have any significant cons to mention, I’ve noticed that the paint can sometimes feel a little rough on my hands when I’m first starting a workout. But a quick wipe with a towel resolves that issue. So, if you’re looking to up your home workout game without breaking the bank, I wholeheartedly recommend these Cast Iron Kettlebells by Shogun Sports!

Stamina Adjustable Versa-Bell: 16-36 lb Kettlebell


Stamina’s Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell is a real game-changer for fitness enthusiasts. I’ve been using this kettlebell for a few weeks now and let me tell you, I’ve been seeing results! This single piece of equipment has the power to replace your whole kettlebell set, offering six weight levels ranging from 16 to 36 pounds. The most appealing feature is its adjustability. You simply twist to add or remove weights in 4-pound increments, making it perfect for varying exercises and workout intensity.

Another great thing about this kettlebell is its handle. The cast iron grip feels solid and comfortable, allowing me to switch between one-handed and two-handed holds with ease. As for design, the rounded base adds another layer of functionality. It’s sturdy enough to support pushups or other stability exercises.

However, it’s not all roses with this product. While the handle is comfortable, I found it a bit too large for my smaller hands during certain exercises. Also, the weights can make a bit of noise when swinging or transitioning to different exercises. Lastly, I wish the starting weight could be a little lighter at 12 pounds instead of 16.

Despite these minor cons, overall, this product is definitely worth your investment. Its adjustable weights, solid construction, and user-friendly design make it a great addition to any home gym. Plus, with free access to the mv smart audio coaching app, you’ll have all the guidance you need to get started on your fitness journey. Happy lifting!

Bells of Steel Competition-Style Adjustable Kettlebell


I’ve been using this Bells of Steel Adjustable Kettlebell for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer! The competition-style shell is comfortable and easy to grip, making my workout sessions more productive. I especially love the adjustable weights; they help me switch up the intensity of my workouts effortlessly.

The space-saving design is another great feature that sets this kettlebell apart. It doesn’t take up much room in my home gym, which is perfect for someone living in a city apartment like me. Plus, the smoother and glossier finish gives it an aesthetically pleasing look.

One downside I noticed was that the weight plates were a bit difficult to change at first. However, once I got the hang of it, it became much easier. Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile and space-saving workout equipment.

50lb Durable Cast Iron Kettlebell


When I first decided to incorporate kettlebells into my fitness routine, I wasn’t sure where to start. That’s when I came across these 50lb Apollo Kettlebells. Man, have they made a difference! The quality is evident right from the start, with each kettlebell carefully crafted using high-grade cast iron and a robust vinyl coating. This keeps both me and my workout space safe, without taking away from the comfort of handling them.

One key feature that really stood out is the specially designed protective base. Trust me, it has saved me a few times when I’ve had to set the kettlebell down quickly. Plus, the color-coding system for weight is a smart move, helping me keep my fitness regime organized.

On the downside, the uncoated handle might cause some discomfort if you’re not used to it. But with time, it does get more comfortable. I also noticed that some users had issues with the kettlebell bottom coming off, but with proper use and care, this could be avoided.

Overall, I’m happy with these Apollo Kettlebells. They add variety to my workout routine, helping me improve muscle strength, burn calories, and get that toned body I’ve always wanted. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their fitness journey.

Buyer’s Guide

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Features of Apollo Kettlebells

  1. Durability: Made from high-quality iron, Apollo Kettlebells are built to last and withstand heavy usage.

  2. Versatility: Apollo Kettlebells can be used for a variety of exercises such as swings, squats, and deadlifts, providing a full-body workout.

  3. Ergonomic Design: The handles are specifically designed to be comfortable to hold, reducing strain and potential injuries during exercise.

  4. Wide Weight Range: Available in various weights, ranging from 5 lbs to 50 lbs, allowing users to progress as they become stronger and more comfortable with the movements.

Considerations when Buying Apollo Kettlebells

  1. Weight Selection: Choose a weight that is appropriate for your current fitness level and gradually increase as you become stronger.

  2. Handle Grips: Make sure the kettlebell features a comfortable grip to avoid discomfort and potential injuries during use.

  3. Durability: Invest in a high-quality kettlebell from a reputable brand like Apollo to ensure it lasts for years of regular use.

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General Advice for Using Apollo Kettlebells

  • Start with lighter weights and gradually increase as you become more comfortable with the movements.

  • Warm up before starting your kettlebell workout to prevent injuries.

  • Learn proper technique for each exercise to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury.

Apollo Kettlebells are a versatile and effective workout tool that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Remember to prioritize proper form, gradually increase weight, and invest in high-quality kettlebells for the best results.


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What are Apollo Kettlebells?

Apollo Kettlebells are a series of high-quality, cast-iron kettlebells designed for strength training and functional fitness. They come in various weights to cater to all fitness levels and specific exercises.

What makes Apollo Kettlebells special?

Apollo Kettlebells are made from premium cast iron for durability and longevity. They also feature a wide, flat base for stability during exercises and a smooth finish for comfort during workouts.

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How can I choose the right weight for me?

Beginners should start with lighter weights (10-20lbs) and progressively increase as they become comfortable with the movements. More experienced users can select weights based on specific exercises and their desired level of challenge.

What exercises can I do with Apollo Kettlebells?

Apollo Kettlebells are versatile and can be used for a wide range of exercises, including swings, snatches, cleans, squats, deadlifts, and many others. Workouts can be tailored to focus on particular muscle groups or overall strength training.

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How do I maintain and clean my Apollo Kettlebells?

To clean your Apollo Kettlebells, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. For maintenance, inspect for damages or wear, and apply a thin layer of protective spray or oil occasionally to prevent rusting. Avoid storing the kettlebells in damp or poorly ventilated areas.

Are there different types or shapes available for Apollo Kettlebells?

Apollo offers a standard round kettlebell shape. However, some models come with specific features like competitive Kettlebells (with thinner handles for advanced exercises) or adjustable Kettlebells (with selectable weights) for versatility.

What is the warranty period for Apollo Kettlebells?

Apollo Kettlebells usually come with a one-year warranty that covers defects in materials and craftsmanship. Be sure to check the specific warranty information for each product model.

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