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5mm Yoga Mats

Discover the best 5mm yoga mats in this comprehensive guide, featuring top-rated brands and materials to enhance your practice, improve grip, and provide optimal support and comfort during your workout.

Discover the best 5mm yoga mats in this comprehensive guide, featuring top-rated brands and materials to enhance your practice, improve grip, and provide optimal support and comfort during your workout.

Are you ready to dive into the world of yoga mats?

We’ve got you covered with a handpicked selection of 5mm Yoga Mats designed to make your practice more comfortable and stable. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, these mats have got all the bells and whistles to enhance your practice. So come on in and explore the best of the best. Namaste!

The Top 6 Best 5mm Yoga Mats

  1. Gaiam Moroccan Inspired 5mm Yoga Mat for Non-Slip Performance - Experience the perfect fusion of elegance and functionality with the Gaiam Printed Marrakesh Yoga Mat, featuring a vibrant medallion pattern and 5mm cushioning to support and protect you during your practice.

  2. All in Motion 5mm Yoga Mat for Comfort and Portability - Experience the perfect balance of comfort, style, and portability with the All in Motion Natural Rubber PU 5mm Yoga Mat, featuring a solid, easy-to-clean design for your next workout session.

  3. Sticky-with-Use Dusty Rose Yoga Mat - Experience top-notch comfort and support on our Everyday Yoga Mat, a colorful and dust-free 5mm PVC mat that boasts 4.5-star reviews, a sticky surface, easy portability, and no unpleasant odor.

  4. 5mm Paisley Yoga Mat - Gaiam Paisley Yoga Mat provides 5mm thick cushioning, a non-slip surface, and free bonus yoga workout, perfect for safe and comfortable practice at home or in a studio.

  5. ProSource Feather Pattern 5mm Yoga Mat - Experience ultimate comfort and balance on ProSource’s 5mm Printed Yoga Mat, featuring eco-friendly materials, exclusive designs, non-slip surface, and moisture-resistant coating for the perfect workout companion.

  6. Large Extra Long Yoga Mat with 70 Printed Yoga Poses - Experience a reliable and comfortable workout with the NewMe Fitness Large, 5mm Thick Yoga Mat for exceptional non-slip traction and 70 printed yoga poses to enhance your Pilates, workout, and stretching sessions.

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Gaiam Moroccan Inspired 5mm Yoga Mat for Non-Slip Performance


As a big fan of Gaiam, I’ve been using their Printed Marrakesh Yoga Mat for quite some time. It’s such a delightful addition to my daily practice. The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful and vibrant medallion pattern that gives an energetic boost to my space. I also appreciate its 5mm thickness, as it provides just the right amount of cushioning and support for my joints during intense postures. Plus, it’s latex-free, which is a great plus for earth-conscious yogis like me.

One noteworthy feature is the mat’s non-slip quality. Even during my most intense sessions, I’ve yet to lose my footing. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and it seems to be durable enough for regular use. However, it did release a strong odor upon unboxing, but I followed the care instructions and it faded away within a few days.

In conclusion, this colorful mat has definitely been a game-changer for my daily practice. Not only does it provide solid support and comfort, but the eye-catching design also adds a touch of warmth and vibrancy to my space. Even though there might be a small lingering odor initially, following the care instructions will help eliminate that. Overall, I highly recommend this Gaiam yoga mat to anyone looking to add a splash of color and comfort to their practice.

All in Motion 5mm Yoga Mat for Comfort and Portability


I recently picked up the All in Motion Natural Rubber PU Yoga Mat, and I’m genuinely impressed with its performance and quality. This mat has become a staple in my fitness routine, whether I’m practicing yoga, Pilates, or even doing some stretches. The 5mm thickness provides just enough cushioning for comfort, and the natural rubber material offers excellent grip and stability on various surfaces like hardwood floors or carpets.

One major highlight of this mat is its easy portability. Despite being a 5mm thick mat, it’s surprisingly lightweight and can easily be rolled up for convenient storage and transportation. The sleek black design adds a touch of elegance, making it a stylish accessory to your workout session.

On the downside, I noticed that the branding on the mat can be a bit excessive and distracting, taking away from the minimalist aesthetic. Additionally, some users may find the mat’s heavier weight to be a drawback compared to thinner mats, but for me, the added thickness and stability make it worth the extra weight.

All in all, the All in Motion Natural Rubber PU Yoga Mat is a reliable, comfortable, and durable option for anyone looking to enhance their yoga or Pilates practice. I would highly recommend giving it a try for yourself.

Sticky-with-Use Dusty Rose Yoga Mat


As someone who has been using the Everyday Yoga Mat 72 inch 5mm Dusty Rose in my daily practice, I must say that I am quite impressed with its performance. The highlight of this mat is undoubtedly its thickness and comfort. At 5mm, it provides a perfect balance of cushioning and stability, making it ideal for both novice and experienced yogis.

One aspect that really stood out for me was the traction. Even during more intense sessions, I didn’t experience any unwanted slips, which is a testament to the quality of the material used. It’s also worth mentioning that the mat is free from 16 phthalates, ensuring that you won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals while you practice.

However, every product has its downsides. The topcoat on this mat tends to be quite shiny, making it a bit slippery initially. But fear not, as with regular use, the grip improves significantly. Another minor drawback is the odd smell that comes with the mat right out of the box. However, after some airing out and a thorough cleaning, it should dissipate quickly.

All things considered, the Everyday Yoga Mat 72 inch 5mm Dusty Rose is a solid choice for anyone looking to invest in a reliable and comfortable yoga mat. Its blend of quality materials, comfortable thickness, and impressive grip make it an attractive option for yogis of all levels. While there may be some minor inconveniences involved, such as the initial slipperiness and odd odor, these are relatively easy to overcome and do not detract from the overall effectiveness of the mat.

5mm Paisley Yoga Mat


I recently purchased the Gaiam Paisley Yoga Mat (5mm) for my home practice, and I’ve been using it quite frequently. Right off the bat, I’ll say that the mat’s dimensions (68”L x 24”W x 5mm Thick) are ideal for someone of my height, and it provides good cushioning, especially during those tough poses that can strain the knees and wrists. Plus, I appreciate that it’s made free of harmful phthalates, making it a healthier choice for my body and the environment. However, one thing to note is that the printed mat may release a harmless odor when unwrapped, so it’s best to air it out for a couple of days before use.

Now, onto the highlights. The added thickness on this mat has been a game-changer for me, helping to protect my joints and maintain proper alignment during practice. I also love the fact that it comes with a free bonus yoga workout, which was incredibly useful when I was getting started.

However, there were a few aspects I didn’t quite enjoy. Some users reported that the mat was quite slippery, especially when they started to sweat. I personally didn’t face this issue, but it’s worth mentioning for those considering this product. Additionally, a couple of reviewers mentioned that the colors of the mat may not match the pictures, so be prepared for some discrepancy in that regard.

Overall, I believe the Gaiam Paisley Yoga Mat (5mm) offers excellent value for its price, especially with the added thickness, free yoga class download, and eco-conscious manufacturing. However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential for a slightly slippery surface and possible color discrepancy before making a purchase.

ProSource Feather Pattern 5mm Yoga Mat


If you’re looking for a comfy and colorful yoga mat that doesn’t weigh you down, the ProSource Feather Mat could be just the ticket. This vibrant, eco-friendly mat is designed with a unique blend of comfort, stability, and style.

I’ve been using mine for a few months now, and there are several features that have really stood out to me. First off, the thickness is perfect. At 5mm, it provides enough cushion to support my joints during longer sessions, but it’s not so thick that I lose balance during more challenging poses. The non-slip surface is another highlight. Regardless of how much I sweat, this mat never slides out from under me. Plus, the moisture-resistant coating keeps it smelling fresh and free of bacteria.

However, there’s one thing that could use some improvement - the grip. While it does a great job staying put on the studio floor, there is a slight tendency to slip during very fluid movements. Despite this minor issue, overall, I’m really satisfied with my ProSource Feather Mat.

In conclusion, this stylish and comfortable yoga mat seems to be a hit with most users, making it worth considering if you’re in the market for a new mat. But don’t just take my word for it, check out what other happy yogis have to say about their experiences with the ProSource Feather Mat.

Large Extra Long Yoga Mat with 70 Printed Yoga Poses


I’ve been using the NewMe Fitness Yoga Mat for a while now, and I must say, it’s been an interesting experience. The first thing that stood out to me was its size - it’s quite large, making it perfect for people who need extra space during their practice. I also appreciated the thickness of the mat, which provides good cushioning and comfort while doing tough poses.

One of the most unique features of this mat is that it’s printed with 70 yoga poses. As a beginner, I found this extremely helpful as I didn’t have to constantly refer to books or apps for reference. It definitely made my yoga sessions more seamless and enjoyable.

However, there are some cons as well. The grip quality could be better. I found myself slipping quite a bit, especially when I started sweating. Putting a towel on top helped, but it would be nice if the mat had better grip on its own.

Another concern is the odor. While it’s not a major issue for me, some users might find it off-putting. The smell does go away after airing it out for a while though.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the NewMe Fitness Yoga Mat. Its size and thickness make it a great choice for people of all levels. The printed poses are a fantastic feature, especially for beginners. The grip needs improvement and there’s a noticeable odor initially, but these are minor concerns compared to the pros. If you’re in the market for a new yoga mat, I’d definitely recommend giving this one a try!

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features to Consider

5mm Yoga Mats-2

When purchasing a 5mm yoga mat, consider the following important features:

  • Thickness: A 5mm yoga mat is generally thick enough to provide comfort and cushioning during practice. However, some people may prefer different thickness levels to suit their needs.

  • Material: The most common materials for yoga mats are PVC, TPE, and natural rubber. Each has its advantages, so choose the material that best suits your personal preferences and needs.

  • Stickiness or Grip: A good yoga mat should not be too slippery, even when you are sweating. Look for mats with textured surfaces or materials that improve grip.

  • Durability: Invest in a yoga mat that is designed to withstand regular use and maintain its shape and performance over time.

Considerations for Use

Before buying a 5mm yoga mat, consider the following:

  • Your Yoga Style: Different types of yoga require mats with specific properties. For example, hot yoga may require more grip, while restorative yoga could benefit from extra cushioning.

  • Portability: Some yoga mats are lighter and more compact, making them easier to carry with you to classes or travel with. Consider your needs and preferences when choosing a yoga mat.

  • Storage and Cleaning: Some mats are designed with features like straps or hooks that make storage and rolling easier. Additionally, consider how easy the mat is to clean and maintain.

  • Price: Yoga mats can vary in price, so set a budget and find the best quality mat within your price range.

General Advice for 5mm Yoga Mats Purchases

Here are some tips to ensure you have a positive shopping experience and choose the right yoga mat:

  • Read reviews and do your research: Before making a purchase, read online reviews, watch video demos, and research various yoga mat options to find the best fit for your needs and preferences.

  • Test and compare: If possible, try out the yoga mats in person at a local store or borrow mats from friends to compare feel, grip, and thickness. This will help you make an informed decision.

  • Invest in quality: Although it can be tempting to buy an inexpensive yoga mat, investing in a high-quality mat will provide better performance, durability, and comfort during your practice.

  • Be mindful of the environment: Some yoga mat materials, like natural rubber or recycled materials, are more eco-friendly than others. If this is important to you, do some research to find environmentally friendly options.

By considering these features, evaluating your needs and preferences, and following this general advice, you will be well-equipped to choose the best 5mm yoga mat for your practice.

5mm Yoga Mats-3


What are 5mm Yoga Mats?

5mm Yoga Mats are thick, cushioned mats designed to provide support and comfort during yoga practice. They are typically made of materials like PVC, TPE, or cork, providing good grip and durability.

How thick are 5mm Yoga Mats?

5mm Yoga Mats-4

5mm Yoga Mats are 5mm thick, which is approximately 3/16 of an inch. This thickness provides adequate cushioning and support for your joints during yoga practice.

Who should use 5mm Yoga Mats?

5mm Yoga Mats are ideal for beginners or those new to yoga, as well as people with joint issues or those looking for extra cushioning and support during their practice. These mats are also suitable for individuals who perform higher impact yoga poses.

What materials are 5mm Yoga Mats made from?

5mm Yoga Mats can be made from various materials, such as PVC, TPE, or cork. PVC mats are the most common and tend to be more affordable, while TPE and cork options offer more eco-friendly and natural alternatives.

5mm Yoga Mats-5

How do I clean a 5mm Yoga Mat?

To clean a 5mm Yoga Mat, use a gentle cleaner or a mix of water and mild soap. Wipe down the mat with a soft cloth or sponge, then air dry it. Avoid using harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing, as this can damage the mat’s surface.

How long do 5mm Yoga Mats last?

The lifespan of a 5mm Yoga Mat can vary depending on the quality of the mat and how frequently it is used. Generally, high-quality mats can last several years with proper care and maintenance.

Are 5mm Yoga Mats suitable for all types of yoga?

5mm Yoga Mats-6

5mm Yoga Mats can be suitable for most types of yoga, including hatha, vinyasa, and restorative practices. However, some advanced practices, like Ashtanga yoga, may require a thinner mat for better grip and stability during faster transitions.

What size are 5mm Yoga Mats?

5mm Yoga Mats typically come in standard sizes, such as 68” x 24”, or larger sizes, like 72” x 26”. The specific dimensions may vary depending on the brand and model.

Can I roll up and store a 5mm Yoga Mat?

Yes, you can roll up and store a 5mm Yoga Mat when not in use. Many mats come with straps, bands, or carriers to make transportation and storage more convenient.

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